Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Week in Instagrams

We had another whirlwind week, but it was full of fun.

Elora is absolutely enjoying her new backyard swing

Our orange tree is doing well and it has hundreds of these baby oranges all over. We actually just picked the last of the (extremely ripe) oranges that were way at the top of the tree and they are really delicious!

The weather was pretty warm and we played outside a lot. Elora and the kitty were trying to be patient while I finished up my chores so I could take them outside for some playtime.

We had a little ice cream treat on Wednesday to help us cope with the afternoon heat :)

Election day is tomorrow here in California, so we've been getting crazy amounts of political junk mail. Fortunately, Elora put it all to great use :)

I can remember doing this to my hair with my grandma's super skinny round brush....I just didn't think Elora would discover this trick until a little later in life. This is no fun to try and sort out!

On Sunday, our little nephew was baptized. After the service, we went to lunch with Corey's family and Elora got to hold her baby cousin. I love moments like this because it makes me excited to see how she might be with her little brother in a couple of months.