Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stool Recovery

I have recently gained more of an interest in yard sales and thrift stores. I used to just see lots of junk that took too much time to sort through to possibly find something useful. But many online blogs have inspired me and I no longer look for things I can use as they are, but I look for materials that I like. I look for sheets or dresses with pretty patterns to use for their fabric, I look for furniture that just needs a bit of sprucing, or a little sand paper and paint. I have a new found love for unwanted items.

A few weeks ago, I took a morning and went to check out some yard sales. My best find was an awesome 1954 Kenmore sewing machine in a cabinet for $25. But more on that at a later date. For now, I just want to show you this cute little stool I picked up at a moving sale. It was $3 and was begging me to recover it. So, I did. And I'm quite happy with the results.

The fabric is from Amy Butler's Love collection and it's laminated cotton. I'm really glad I went with something I could just wipe off to clean because Elora's all over this thing! It's the perfect height for her to climb on and it's also perfect for an ottoman or just a little seat.

I chose this pattern because I really want to add some lighter colors to our living space. It's a very small space and with my dark couch, it just needs something to brighten it up a bit. My couch is the burgundy color that's in the flowers. I'm going to make some pillows and maybe add other touches of the lighter colors to lighten things up in here. We'll see where it all goes, but I think this stool is a good start. I love it!


  1. I must say...I was not quite sure what to expect when I saw a post titled "Stool Recovery." Fortunately, the subject matter was not what I feared.

  2. LOL Aaron!! I thought the same thing...

  3. Haha, it was kind of meant to be a little weird. Glad you got a laugh. :)