Friday, April 22, 2011

Paradox of the Cross - A poem by Elliot Pope

Happy Good Friday. I wanted to share a poem with you that was written by a good friend and the "youth pastor" at our church (sorry for the weird format, I had to scan it from a prayer retreat book and break it up to make it readable).

I hope this helps you focus and meditate on what Christ did for us 2000 years ago. He gave His life as a ransom for ours. He paid for our sins and took the wrath of God on our behalf. Because He bore our sins, we can be presented to God the Father with the righteousness of Christ.

I hope that on this Good Friday, you remember what Jesus did and thank Him for it. If you do not know Christ, I would ask you to consider how you have sinned, if you've ever lied or stolen or been unjustly angry, or if you've failed to honor God as you ought to, you can see that you are not worthy of God's favor, you have earned His wrath. But because of what Christ did you can be seen as worthy by God. Christ did live a perfect life and gave Himself to suffer in our place, but only if you turn from your sins and trust Christ fully for your salvation. If you trust in Christ alone for your salvation, you receive His righteousness. You are not only seen as sinless by the Father, but you are also seen as perfect.

Only perfect people can be accepted into heaven...are you perfect?

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  1. That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. What a reminder of how unworthy we all are of His mercy and grace.