Monday, October 25, 2010

A year ago today...

Elora Grace was born at 8:44am.

After 30 hours of labor and about an hour of pushing, I couldn't believe I had actually done it.

When she was born I didn't feel overwhelmed with love like everyone said I would. I felt surprised. Surprised that she really was in there all that time; surprised that I had really given birth; surprised that it was true what they say, when your baby is in your arms you totally forget all the pain (yes, you remember it shortly thereafter, but it's all worth it).

I know it's weird to think that surprise is the emotion that came over me at that moment, but I was really in awe of our Creator. It was hard to imagine a real little person being knit together for 9 months (okay, it was more like 10 months, but who's counting?) in my womb, but there she was. It was hard to imagine my body going through all that it did to bring this little person in to the world, but it was made to do that. It was hard to believe that after so many sleepless nights and hours of laboring, I would actually have the energy to push for an hour, but I did. It was hard to imagine a person going from being in water all their life to breathing air, but she did it perfectly without any help.

I think flowing out of my surprise was praise. There is a phrase in a song that I've been thinking about more lately and I think it sums up what happened at Elora's birth. It says, "every blessing You pour out, I'll turn back to praise." With the blessing of Elora, my heart was immediately turned to God in praise for what He had done. He had blessed us with a healthy baby and a safe delivery, and my heart was in awe of Him.

I can't believe that was a year ago. I can't believe my baby has already turned in to a toddler. I'm pretty sure she's going to master running this week or next. I am still praising the Lord for the blessing and challenge that she is to us. She was given to us by God's great grace towards us. And she remains ours through His grace alone.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. We love you, Elora Grace.


  1. Praise to our Great God! Happy birthday Elora! The Kleins all love you! Great post Bonnie. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bon this totally made me bawl! I can't wait for babies of my own. I am so blessed to have such a great family around me who loves God. You two are great parents and I can't wait to see what comes of little Elora!

  3. I love these pictures!! Do you have your birth story posted somewhere? I'd love to read it!!

  4. I don't my birth story anywhere...I was thinking of posting it but wasn't sure if anyone would want to read it!

  5. Happy Birthday, Elora!

    Bonnie, she is such a beautiful little girl, and is so blessed to be raised by parents who praise God through all things!

    I love catching little snippets of your life :-)

    ♥ Bethany

    p.s. I would love to read your birth story, too!