Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crafty Sewing Mamas' Blog Challenge #11 part 2

Whipped up this little zippy wallet as project number two in the CSM Blog Challenge 11.

I intended to make it as a giveaway prize but it ended up so small, I feel like it's hardly worth it!
It's cute and little and holds a few necessities but I can't quite fit a card in the main body of it.

Fortunately, I can fit all the cards I need in the front pocket. I'm thinking this would be great to toss in to my gathered clutch which I usually have in my diaper bag. But this little wallet isn't quite enough on it's own for a trip to the store...maybe for one of those "drop me off at the entrance, I'll grab the milk and bread, you keep driving around the parking lot to keep the baby asleep and I'll meet you back here in 5 minutes" type of trips.

So, while this little wallet is cute and does serves a purpose, I like something that can hold my keys, phone, and money stuff (such as the aforementioned gathered clutch).

1 comment:

  1. It's cute, like a little coin purse with a bonus pocket!