Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello September!

Wow, where did July and August go? How is it already September 1st? Time is flying ridiculously fast and I can't believe that 2 months have passed since I was last here...sorry about that! Well, to catch up on what I've been up to, here's a little summary of July and August in the life of the Colmans :)
 Forth of July was pretty fun. We went to a parade in the morning but I don't think Elora really understood why we were there. Then we went swimming with Grandma and Grandpa. It was Elora's first time in a swimming pool and after taking a minute to get used to it, she totally loved it. The afternoon was spent at a barbecue followed by our very own fireworks show in the street. It was really fun.

 Later in July, my sister had her 4th baby, a boy, Eli Thomas. He was born at home on a Sunday afternoon while we had the other kids with us all day. It was a fun time and we were all excited to meet the newest little one. They did not find out that he was a boy before the birth, but I wanted to make something special to be able to give to the new baby on his birthday. So I ventured in to making my very first quilt, from this tutorial. I was quite proud of myself for sticking with the project and finishing it in time for little Eli's arrival. I went with a black and white color scheme since I didn't know he would be a boy, and I really like how it turned out. Like I said, this was my very first quilt, my first time piecing, my first time free motion quilting, my first time for everything, and I was so pleased! (sorry, no baby pics, I don't have any on my computer!)

One thing my sister requested that I make for her was a new diaper bag. She had some specifications like it has to be able to carry enough stuff for 3 kids and a newborn, and it must have backpack straps. Other than that, I was pretty free to design it as I wanted. This is what I came up with I love it! In fact, a lot of people seem to really like it and I have orders for 3 more! It was a lot of work but it was really fun to accomplish something like this. Oh, and my sister loved it!
At the beginning of August, we took a little weekend trip to San Luis Obispbo for a wedding. I made an infinity dress to wear. I really love it :)

While in SLO, we visited the beach, which Elora absolutely loved. She is such a water baby.

 We also visited Hearst Castle. I have heard about this place but this was my first visit and it's pretty spectacular. William Randolph Hearst had it built to display his Mediterranean art collection. Apparently, there are 8 of these types of homes built by Hearst in different styles for his various art collections.

I was pretty excited that I got my camera to take some decent photos in the dim lighting inside the castle without the flash. I'm slowly learning how to use my fancy camera :)

So....a ton of other stuff has gone on the past two months, but I just wanted to share a quick catch up and a few photos. Thanks for bearing with me :)

I'm really looking forward to the 3 1/2 day weekend we have coming up. Corey gets a half day tomorrow (so I will be braving the Joann's Labor Day sale sans toddler tomorrow). And he gets Monday off. So we're going to have great fun and I'm looking forward to a bit of relaxation.

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