Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome, Fall!

Fall is definitely my favorite season. I love watching the trees changing colors, I love rain, I love pumpkin candles, and I love that I can pull out some jeans, a sweater, and some full coverage shoes! Oh, and a scarf of course. This week fall officially came to northern California. It's raining as we speak, I have some pumpkin spice candles burning, and I drank some hot chocolate this past weekend. I am loving it! I'm really looking forward to pulling out my box of sweaters and putting away my warm weather clothes.

One of my most favorite fall activities, is our annual trip to Apple Hill. Apple Hill is an area where there are lots and lots of apple orchards. There are wineries too, and pumpkin patches, and all kinds of fun things.
Apple Hill, High Hill Ranch 2008
Apple Hill, Kids Inc. 2009
Apple Hill, Kids Inc. 2010

I'm very excited to take Elora back to Apple Hill this year. She's a little bit apple crazy right now so it's going to be like heaven for her. 
Apple Hill, Able's Acres 2010
Apple Hill, Kids Inc. 2010
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  1. How fun! Jesse and I are looking forward to introducing Kayleigh to our tradition of going to Apple Valley (in Southern CA) this year, too :-)

    I'm so excited that Fall is here! I had a warm apple cider candle lit for 14 hours yesterday...

    ♥ Bethany