Monday, May 21, 2012

The Week in Photos

We have been enjoying the warm weather this week and have been spending a lot of time outside. One of Elora's favorite activities lately is jumping.

To give her some variety in her jumping games, I drew a hopscotch for her. She loved it!

She's been very diligent in her Big Sister Studies and is just about ready for "our baby boy" (as she calls him) to get here.

Corey has been on jury duty for 2 weeks (and has another 2 or 3 weeks left in the trial), so he gets home about an hour earlier than normal and Elora is loving the extra play time. She set up this sleep over for them a few days ago :)

My second-to-youngest sister graduated high school on Sunday and we celebrated with dinner out and dessert at our Grandma's house. It was during the solar eclipse and I got this neat shot of the light filtering through the trees!

I got some hand me down baby boy clothes from a couple of friends and I got them washed and folded today. So much fun!

And lastly, I am now 27 weeks pregnant and trying to convince myself I am not uncomfortable yet. I still have at least 13 weeks to go and I am resisting the urge to complain.

I hope you all have a great week. I'm hoping to get a lot of sewing done and I'm excited for my baby shower  this weekend!

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