Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Garden

I planted a garden about 6 weeks ago. It was pretty late to get started on something like that, but that's what the weather allowed so I went for it. I'm so glad I did.
It's a small garden but I crammed it pretty full of whatever I could. So far I have only been able to harvest the herbs, but even that has been very rewarding...and delicious! Almost every evening for dinner I have picked some basil, oregano, cilantro, or all three. And iced tea is fabulous with a few stevia leaves and some mint. Love it!
I can hardly believe how much it's grown since I planted it. There are already some zucchini ready to eat! I know most gardens have probably already yielded a harvest, but mine is just a baby and I'm so proud of it! Look how much it's grown!

And I love the analogy of a garden. It's so easy to make connections to real life and Biblical principles (I'm usually so bad at making those types of analogies, but God has makes it easy when you're in the garden). The most obvious is weeds and sin. I can't believe how quickly the weeds can get out of control if they aren't plucked out as soon as I see them. The same thing with sin. If I don't pluck out sins as soon as they appear, they can grow and take over and then I wonder why I'm not harvesting very much fruit. And just as new weeds appear daily, sins become evident every day as well. It's so easy to rush through and think, I don't have time to deal with that. But when I remember to pluck out the weeds a few days later, they are so big! They've been stealing the water from the plants. The same goes with sin. When I neglect to pull out the sin in my life, it quickly grows and crowds out the fruits of the Spirit. Thank you, Lord, for the constant reminders!

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