Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Favorite Things

Elora...my nieces...sewing...creating...family...new storage...weddings...new babies...get-togethers...sharing the gospel...love...all for the glory of God. Those are a few of my favorite things.
Since my last post, my days have been filled with the aforementioned things. It's been busy but fun and I just wanted to highlight some of the goodness.
The weekend before last was my nieces' birthday party. They turned 1 and 2, I made them matching dresses and think they turned out darling! Of course when cute girls are wearing the dresses, they can't help but look darling.

Next event for the weekend was a wedding. The friends who got married are new believers who just started attending our church. They were baptized just a few hours before the wedding, it was so sweet to see such delight in them as they seek to obey God in all they do. They are expecting a baby in August and we're all very happy for them. It's so wonderful to have new members in the body of Christ.

Then we were on to regular stuff during the week, but we added in a little extra busyness by organizing an evangelism booth for the local Independence Day street fair which happens on the 3rd of July. We got to share the gospel with lots of people and I think Corey must have some "sunburn crowns" waiting for him in Heaven because he sure got burnt! :) Of course it's quickly fading in to a lovely farmer's tan. After the evangelism, we headed up to my sister's house just a short walk up the road from the downtown street fair. We barbecued, roasted marshmallows, and watched the fireworks from the driveway. It was great fun with the family.

We went to another fireworks show on the 4th but it was less impressive. Fortunately we spent lots of time with the family again and it was great fun. Plus Elora had a super cute outfit that I made from this tutorial on Made By Rae. I loved it and she got to wear it on the 3rd and the 4th to be extra patriotic :) Since she had already worn the outfit twice she decided it was time to really mess it up, so she dug in to some guacamole. Somehow I was completely unaware of it even though she was sitting right on my lap...hey, it was late, I had been up until midnight the previous nights, I wasn't all there, okay? She loved it though! She also really liked the fireworks...that is after she was convinced they were pretty. After each one I just kept saying, "so pretty!" and she started to agree.And finally...yesterday was a busy day

And finally, yesterday two projects were finished that had been looming over me! One was a dresser that we were painting to put in the kitchen to add more storage and counter space. The other was a dress for my cousin's baby who will be joining us any day now. Both are now complete and I am very happy! All it took a day off for Corey and he pushed us to get them done. It was great and I'm very happy with the results of both projects. No photo of the finished dresser right now, but here's one of the dress. I hope they like it!

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