Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday's Treasury of Tutorials

Sorry about the alliteration...I just couldn't help myself.
I'm thinking that I'll start a bit of a regular post wherein I post a bunch of my favorite tutorials from the week. So, to start us off, here are the tutorials I used to make Christmas gifts last year (weird to say last year when it was like 2 weeks ago!).

Like a lot of other crafters out there, I have a TON of tutorials and ideas bookmarked. I keep mine on Diigo and love that I have a little button on my browser so whenever I see something awesome, I just click the button and save it. That way I can close all my browser windows so my husband doesn't freak out.

So, for Christmas I decided to actually use some of those bookmarked tutorials (instead of just trying to remember what ideas I'd seen and make up my own way of doing it). So I just wanted to share a little bit of what I've been making...

First up, a dress for Elora. This is based on one of my favorite tuts from Prudent Baby. The Peasant Blouse Tutorial.

Made this little crayon caddie for my nephew. He hugged it and loved it so much, it was adorable.
Next up, I made these wrist warmers for my 14 year old sister. And they had to be in zebra fabric since she is crazy for it right now.

I made two of these aprons, one for my sister and one for my sister in law. Unfortunately I didn't get a good photo of either one, but I'll share this bad photo of my sister in law's apron.
This is probably the most quilting I'll ever do....made this growth chart for my parents (sorry for another bad photo).
I also made a few gifts without tutorials and I am thinking of possibly making tutorials for them. So...maybe soon I'll actually put up a tutorial! That would be quite exciting. In the meantime, check out these tutorials and have fun!


  1. I love the fabrics you used for the retro apron - so cute! And I thought I'd seen every apron tutorial out there - but that's a new one - I love it! Bookmarked!