Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Elora has been up for almost 2 hours, Corey usually gets up with her in the morning but today I am letting him sleep. Happy Father's Day, Babe!
I know Father's Day is tomorrow, but Corey's day at church starts around 7:30am so he really has no hope of physical rest tomorrow. So I'll let him sleep in today, then bring him some breakfast in bed...I'm thinking Dutch Babies with fresh strawberries from the garden! And hopefully I can finish sewing his gift today. That will round out my Father's Day blessings for him, next year, this is Elora's responsibility! :)

So in celebration of Father's Day,
I thought I'd think about the fathers in my life. There is of course, my amazing Corey. He became a dad just under 8 months ago (really it was more like 17 months ago, but we'll just count the months that the baby was breathing air). And he has been a wonderful dad. He was always nervous with newborn babies but when he held his own, he was like a pro. He is still an amazing daddy. He doesn't try to balance being a dad and a husband, he is fully both, he loves his girls and takes care of us so well.

My dad has been a good dad too. Of course when I was 16 I wasn't so sure. But now I'm positive. I am so thankful for his protection of me. I wish I would have seen the value of a caring dad when I was younger and I wish there was some way to convey to teenage girls how important respect and submission to their dad is. My word of advice to all teenagers, just listen to your parents, they really do know better than you. My dad also loves music, he loves to sing, and loves to hear his girls sing, all 6 of us, preferably together. He has taught me a love for old hymns and praising the Lord with a loud voice. Thanks, Dad, for doing what you thought was right to keep my heart safe. And thank you for sharing your love of singing with me. Love you, Dad, even though you feed Elora everything she shouldn't be eating, that's what grandpas are for I guess!

Another grandpa who was always giving kids treats they shouldn't have, was Grandpa Fry. Sadly, he won't be celebrating Father's Day with us this year. He passed away last 4th of July and we all miss him so much. He was such an amazing grandpa. As kids we loved hanging out with him, and not just because he gave us an extra scoop of ice cream when Grandma wasn't looking. He loved us so well and he loved the Lord even more. He loved to sing and I loved when he sang the bass line to the old hymns. I miss his hugs and his humor. I can hardly wait to see him again.

So, thank you to all the wonderful fathers in my life. I love you all!

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  1. Hey Bonnie, I just found out you have this blog. Wanted to say that I agree: Fathers are so important and wonderful. Your grandpa was always so kind and welcoming at church (which is where I mostly saw him). There were many Sundays when I came in and sat down with your grandparents for the service. Felt like family to me! You are truly blessed.