Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Freshly Washed Fabric

Call me crazy, but I get such a thrill out of washing new fabric. I love the anticipation of pulling it out of the dryer, ironing it, folding it, and knowing that I can now use it for anything I want. I get so excited when it's washing and I get so many ideas as I pull it out of the dryer and prepare it to be cut and sewn into something wonderful.
I just pulled 4 new cuts of fabric out of the dryer and wish I had all day to sew! One piece is for my nieces' birthday dresses. Two are for a case for my colored pencils for Bible study, something like this crayon roll. And I don't know what the other one will be but I loved it so I had to have it...and of course, it was on sale!
But for now I will fold it and let it wait in my big stack of pre-washed fabrics that are just wishing for purpose. Today is a busy day, off to lunch with a friend. Home for Elora's nap, finish the laundry, finish my Bible study, go to Bible study, then home for bed! Tomorrow will be my sewing day...that is, if I get these dishes done!

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