Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crafty Sewing Mamas Sew-along Week 2: PJs

Okay, I realize that I skipped week 1. I'm sorry. I'm not sure what's going on with time right now. January was both the longest and the shortest month I've ever lived and I'm really trying to find my bearings. In the meantime, I'll just jump in on week two like nothing happened :)

So glad that one of this week's projects is pajamas. Elora needs them badly. I made her some jams for the warm weather but will probably do some cozy ones to hold her over until spring.

(please excuse my sad photos...something is wrong with my photography skills today)

These jammies were made using some knit yellow rosebud cotton that my mom gave me from her fabric stash. She's getting rid of most of her fabric and I am working on acquiring as much as I can. It's so fun to have fabric that I remember from my childhood and all the things my mom made us growing up.

I used this tutorial for the top and this tutorial for the pants, both from Prudent Baby.

Elora seems to like them....or maybe she just liked that I let her stand on her dresser. Either way, I'm pretty proud of these little jams. I have more knits from my childhood that probably need to be made in to more summer pjs. They are so cute and technically they're vintage, right? 20 years or older? So that means they are automatically awesome. And I think Elora knows it.

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  1. How sweet to have fabrics from your childhood! And to be able to dress your own little one in them--so special!
    I'm with you--as long as WE aren't vintage, but our childhood belongings are ;-)
    Elora looks just adorable in these!

    ♥ Bethany