Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

So, I thought for Valentine's Day, I'd tell you the story of how Corey met Bonnie and how they fell in love and are living happily ever after.

But....Bonnie is too tired from working all day (on my feet) like I haven't done in about a year, Corey is away, and the baby is, I think Bonnie is headed to the couch to relax for the rest of the evening.

Since I am itching to settle in on the couch, I'll give you the short version, and maybe tell you the whole story another day.

In August of 2005, I seriously needed a job, so, my sister pulled some strings and got me a job at the Starbucks where she worked. Well, there was also a cute guy named Corey who worked there (who, by the way, I always pictured as a girl when my sister would tell stories about him from work. See, my sister used to work with a girl named Corey and so whenever she talked about Corey I just pictured this girl she used to work with. Pretty funny!). Anyways, I started working there and Corey and I started talking a lot, and one day he decided to call my dad to talk about his interest in getting to know me. So, my dad asked me if I'd like for Corey to get to know me and start the "courtship" process. I said yes, so my dad told Corey that it would be okay.

A few days later they met and talked for a while and our courtship began. We courted for about a year (Corey likes to refer to this time as his time dating my dad) and were engaged one year and one week after we first met. On August 11, 2006, he got down on one knee by the campfire on a family camping trip and proposed by singing and playing a song he had written in which the last line was "Please say you'll be my bride". I didn't know what to say, but once I finally figured out what was going on, of course I said yes. We got married 2 months later on October 15, 2006.

The Lord has blessed us greatly and I am so thankful for my sweet husband. And thankful that on Valentine's Day we can be doing our own things and no one has to cry about it. I know how much he loves me and he knows how much I love him. While I do enjoy this day as a special time to say "I love you", it wouldn't mean anything if the rest of the time his actions didn't show his love. He tells me often that he loves me, but more often than that, he says he loves me by his actions, and that is the best gift ever!

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