Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Something for Me

I've been trying to make more things for myself, so the other day I whipped up this skirt

I used a pretty Anna Maria Horner voile (do you say it like vwall or like voyle?) and used a tutorial by Anna Maria Horner.
I really like it. It can be worn at my natural waist or around my hips. I kind of like it higher up but we were watching American Idol last night and my husband saw a girl wearing a high waisted skirt and said she looked like an old man with his pants up too high. He has yet to see this skirt on me, so I'm not sure what he'll think. But I like it! I'm thinking maybe I'll wear it for Easter. And if he doesn't protest, I think I'll wear it up nice and high :)

make it wear it


  1. Beautiful! I like it high, too.
    But lol! I love what Corey said! Isn't it funny what we'll say without realizing what our spouse is thinking? True love can always find the humor, and we both know he'll think you're beautiful whether the skirt is at your waist or hips!

    ♥ Bethany

  2. Thanks for the encouragement to wear it high, ladies! :) I think I can convince him that high waisted skirts can be cute and not "old man".

  3. I just made one for my adult daughter. I tried it on before sending it away, and now I want to make another for moi. Me thinks the higher skirts are quite flattering!