Saturday, March 5, 2011

Elora's Purse

I recently realized that Elora was ready for a purse of her own. She's always carrying around my make up bag like a little purse and she'll grab pretty much any bag type item, fill it up with her stuff, throw it over her shoulder, and head for the door saying "bye-bye".

And so, the mini purse was born.

I just started cutting rectangles of fabric and interfacing, started sewing it together, and viola! It worked out quite well I think!

It was love at first sight for Elora. Right away she threw her sippy cup in there, some goldfish crackers, a book, a pacifier, (y'know, all the essentials) and headed for the door.

It helps that it matches mama's purse (which in reality is quite a bit bigger than Elora's purse, despite what these pictures might suggest).

She's pretty cute with her little purse. I wish I had a photo to post, but she's too quick these days. I had a brilliant idea for getting photos of her in the I just need to find a bubble machine.

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  1. I love this purse. I am going to copy it for my little girl's birthday. She loves girly things:)