Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Evolution of a Pinafore

I recently received a request from a customer for a pinafore. I had not made one before so I googled around to make sure I was thinking of the right thing. And after seeing a few photos, a few tutorials, and reading a few definitions of what technically qualified as a pinafore, I got cutting and sewing.

Here's the first one:

Pretty plain, very basic, made from some clearance Ikea fabric and a sheet from Goodwill (so it wasn't a huge loss if it was a total fail). But it turned out cute and it's now a part of Elora's wardrobe.

This is the next one, I added a ruffle and made it tie at the shoulders, this time in a newborn size:
All of these are totally reversible, and instead of showing you 4 photos of each one, I'll just show you the front of one side and the back of the other side (hopefully that makes sense) so you can see all the different fabrics.
And here is the last and my most favorite one:

It's so colorful and bright and fabulous. I absolutely LOVE it.

And Elora looks crazy cute in it!

I'll be adding these to my shop for the spring and summer. I didn't love the idea of a pinafore before I made one, but after just that first, simple one, I fell in love and these are probably my favorite thing to make these days.

(ps...after looking at this post, I've realized I need to take a photography class. My photos are all really different and mostly bad. I'll be checking out the community college summer schedule in a few minutes to find a class stat!)

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