Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crafty Sewing Mamas Blog Challenge 12

Life has a way of getting crazy sometimes. I'm in one of those times right now but still managing to get some sewing done because it's my way of relaxing :)

For the Crafty Sewing Mamas sew along/blog challenge thing, I made both projects, which were slippers and a cushion. I decided to make Elora a fun floor cushion that she could tote around and she loved it more than I thought she would.

As soon as I finished it and brought it out to her, she grabbed it and started bouncing on it. Then she'd pick it up, drag it somewhere else, and begin bouncing. It was cute and I'm so glad she liked it. She (and a few friends who came to visit the other day) loved it so much, a seam burst and it's back in the sewing room for a little mending. I think it taught me a lesson about using home decor fabric from Joann's, next time leave a big seam allowance, fray block the raw edges, serge the raw edges, and double up the stitching all around. That stuff frays like crazy!

I used this tutorial from Living with Punks: Land of Nod inspired floor cushion
But I didn't have piping so I just top stitched the seams which seemed to create a similar effect. I also added a zipper because Elora is a pretty messy kid and I couldn't imagine never throwing this thing in the washer!

So, for project number two, I made myself some slippers. I used this slipper pattern and tutorial from Prudent Baby. It was super quick and easy and I used some pretty Amy Butler fabric that I got on sale a little while back. The slippers are lined with minky which feels pretty nice on my toes. They are perfect for the chilly days we've been having for so long, not too warm since it's not technically winter, but warm enough since even though it's JUNE it still feels like we're barely out of winter.

Turns out it's kind of difficult to photograph your own feet without your ankles looking like they are retaining many gallons of water.

Anyways, hopefully we get some good entries to our sewing/blog challenge this time around. Check out what everyone else is making here:


  1. Great Job! Love the slippers.

  2. I bought that same fabric to make a floor cushion! You have good taste. :)

  3. Very cute little bean bag chair. I was wondering if you made her shirt too. If so what pattern is it? Because I think it's adorable.