Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Artsy Father's Day Cards- by Elora

While I was growing up, my dad always said he wanted me to make something for his gifts. I was always crafty growing up so I usually drew him a picture or made a card and he always loved it. Now that I am much older and not that great of an artist any more (as I got older my drawing and painting skills sort of petered out), my dad probably wouldn't appreciate a drawing of the mail man (one of his favorites when I was about 6) or a painting of a rainbow, so, I'm passing on this task to Elora. It is now her job to make the cards for holidays and special occasions.

Since Father's Day is in just a few days, we whipped up some cards today.

First, I used masking tape to put the cards on the fridge (currently the fridge acts as Elora's easel). The masking tape also made sure we'd have a nice clean, white frame around the paintings.

We used one of Elora's plates as a palette. The paint we used is Crayola Kid's Paint, it's non-toxic and super easy to clean up. And it comes right out of clothes without any extra effort. Love it (I wasn't paid by Crayola to say that...I wish I was though).

And then she went to work creating her masterpieces.

Once she finished up, we left them to dry on the fridge while we did a little damage control. I love how easily these paints wash up.

Once they were all dry, I took them off of the fridge and very carefully removed the masking tape. I think they turned out fun and I know that Elora's grandpas and her daddy will all love them.


  1. The cards are cute, the artist is even cuter! What a delightful gift for the men in her life, something they will treasure. I wish Crayola would pay you, too :) Since they didn't, I "followed" your blog - just kidding, I love your blog and it is fun, can't wait to see more posts! Thanks for sharing at Sew Much Ado!

  2. So precious! Can't wait to have my own little artist next year :-) Hmm...what can a 9 month old do?
    I wouldn't have thought to use the fridge--good to know!
    Elora is so adorable! Just love these pictures.

    ♥ Bethany